martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

En Messenger, Sky Drive me prohibe subir fotos porno en mi album privado.

Tengo un album privado en Messenger, que solo mi red de contactos tiene acceso para ver. Pues esta tarde recibì esta notificaciòn (mi correo es

Hello todosloshombressomosiguales,
We have found images involving nudity on your SkyDrive account,
Folder Name: Mi album hardcore.....participa enviando fotos, no es público, solo para mi red de contactosFile Name: Carolina.jpg
Kindly remove this content and any other images, messages or files that violate the Windows Live SkyDrive Code of conduct within 48 hours.
Violations include, but are not limited to, nudity, partial nudity, pornography, harassment, and illegal or offensive behavior. For a complete description of content that is not allowed on Windows Live SkyDrive, please visit our Code of Conduct at:
We also restrict our users from posting full or partial nude pictures of babies and children. This policy has been implemented in order to reduce the risks of predators in the online community and of course to ensure the safety of the children. If your SkyDrive account contains any material of this nature, please remove them as well.
If you remove all violating content, your SkyDrive account will again be in accordance with the Windows Live SkyDrive Code of Conduct, and will remain accessible for your use. Otherwise, we will be forced to close down your SkyDrive as well as any associated Spaces and Profile accounts. Again, while this is never an option we like to take, Microsoft takes the safety of children quite seriously.
You may delete files from your SkyDrive account by following these instructions:
1. Log into SkyDrive2. Navigate to the 'Shared' or 'Public' folder that contains the offending file3. Select the file to be removed by clicking the file4. Click 'Delete'5. Click 'OK' to permanently delete the file
Thank you for helping Windows Live SkyDrive provide a friendly and safe experience for all of our customers.
Support SpecialistWindows Live Support Team

Le entedieron? Los que son bilingües, sin problemas. Pero en mi caso, me tome la molestia de usar un diccionario de inglès.

Y estas son las fotos de la discordia. Fotos que, aclaro, unicamente un puñado de personas teniamos acceso a ellas:

Gracias por permitirme hospedar mis fotos aqui en lo que les creo un blog.....

domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

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Sitios siempre en crecimiento...

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